There are many possible causes for defects in plastic gears. The following is an analysis of some common reasons:

  1. Material selection: Plastic gear material selection is very important. The same type of plastic has different physical and chemical properties. If the plastic material selected is not suitable for the specific application, it may cause defects in the gear. For example, the selected plastic material is not strong enough to withstand the required load or the temperature range exceeds the plastic’s heat resistance capabilities.
  2. Manufacturing process issues: Improper setting of process parameters during the manufacturing process may also lead to defects in plastic gears. For example, incorrect parameters such as temperature and pressure cooling time during injection molding may lead to non-slip wheel surfaces, inaccurate dimensions, or internal defects such as bubbles.
  3. Design issues: The design of the gear may also be a cause of defects. If the geometry, number, module and other parameters of the gear are not designed reasonably, it may cause excessive stress concentration during use of the gear, leading to defects such as cracks or fractures.
  4. Improper usage conditions: The usage conditions of the material gear will also affect its life and performance. If the wheel is used under conditions that exceed its load-bearing capacity or temperature range, it may cause defects such as wear, deformation or breakage of the wheel.
  5. Environmental factors: Environmental factors such as humidity and the presence of chemical substances may also affect the performance of plastic gears. Certain chemicals may corrode materials, causing surface changes or chemical reactions on gears, causing defects.
    To solve the defect problem of plastic gears, the occurrence of defects can be reduced by optimizing material selection, improving manufacturing processes, optimizing design, rational use and maintenance. In addition, regular inspection and maintenance of the status of plastic gears are also important measures, as well as necessary replacement and repair according to the actual situation.

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