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CNC Machining

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Proto MFG provides high-quality CNC machining services for your rapid prototyping projects and series production, in metal and plastic. 


Proto MFG is equipped with powerful 3, 4, or 5-axis CNC machines, CNC turning machines, and Swiss Lathes. 


To meet the range of demands, we offer a wide range of materials and surface treatments.

CNC Machining Parts/Machined Parts

Metal CNC Machined

Plastic Parts Machined Via CNC Machining

What is CNC Machining?

CNC machining is a process in which engineers write programs, and then control CNC machine tools through computers to process materials.

Most of the products will be produced in small batches by CNC machining because CNC machining is more flexible in terms of quantity and material. We have 3/4/5 axis machines that meet customers’ requirements for customized products.

Whether it is metal or plastic, CNC machining can achieve +/-0.01mm, and the surface finish can reach Ra 0.4, which can meet various surface treatments.

CNC machining is a manufacturing process suitable for a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical device, robotics, construction monitoring equipment, and agriculture equipment, and able to produce a range of products, such as frames, custom equipment, engines, gears, and tools.

Advantage of CNC Machining

1. Reduced Labor Costs;

CNC machining is hugely controlled by a software program and requires very little human interaction apart from the initial setup and data feeding. CNC machining also demands less advanced training, further reducing labor costs. With computers playing a major role, the chances of human error and compromised workplace safety are also reduced by a high percentage.


2. Flexible Production Quantity;

CNC Machines are built to provide maximum accuracy whether they are tasked to produce one metal machined part or thousands of machined parts.


3. Tight Tolerance

Can be 0.005 TO 0.01 mm

4. Ability to Produce Complex Parts

5. Works for a wide range of Material Type

Process of CNC Machining

CNC Milling

3-axis CNC milling, 4 axis CNC milling, 5 axes CNC milling, Manual Milling

The workpiece is held stationary directly on the machine bed or in a vice.

Material is removed from the workpiece using cutting tools or drills that rotate at high speed.

The tools are attached to a spindle, which can move along three linear axes.



CNC Turning

The workpiece is held on the spindle while rotating at high speed.

A cutting tool or center drill traces the outer or inner perimeter of the part, forming the geometry.

The tool does not rotate and moves along polar directions.

CNC turning, CNC turn&mill, Swiss Lathe

Featured Capability of Materials

Stainless Steel
PA 66

Featured Capability of Finishing

Sand Blasting
Electro Plating
Gold Plating
Anodizing Type II
Deburr / As Machined
Anodizing Type III
Heat Treatment

General Tolerance / According to the Drawings requirements


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We provide high-quality mechanical parts production solutions to support your product development and go to the market needs with CNC Machining technologies.  Proto MFG’s manufacturing solutions will give you Stable, committed, on-time, quality, and smooth communication to create, test and refine in ways you never thought possible so you can go to market faster.

1. Fast Turnaround & Affordable

2. DFM feedback to optimize your designs

3. Quick pricing within 4-24 hours

4. On-demand production updates regularly

5. Material certifications & certificates of conformity

6. Free dimensional inspection reports

7. Tight tolerances

8. Sign and follow the NDA

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