Deburring refers to the removal of tiny microscopic particles 

from processed metal products to ensure that the final product is smoother and more refined.

Deburr / As Machined machined parts

Deburring is a process used to remove burrs which are small imperfections or rough edges on a metal surface that occur during machining or welding. The goal is to make the metal part smooth and reliable. Burrs may appear during several different stages of machining such as stamping, forming, fineblanking, casting, sintering, molding, turning, CNC milling, and grinding.

“As Machined” refers to the surface finish of a part that has been produced using CNC machining without any additional finishing processes like polishing or sanding. So “As Machined” CNC machining means that the part is produced by removing material from a solid block using CNC milling or turning machines, and then the surface finishes obtained are what they are, without any further processing.

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