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Custom Parts For Industry

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Custom parts are often used in industry when a standard off-the-shelf part is not suitable for the specific application. Some common custom parts used in various industries include:


1.Pipe flange gaskets – used in the pulp and paper industry to seal pipe flanges

2.Precision turned parts – used in the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries for various applications such as engine components or medical instrument parts

3.Probes and joint connectors – used in the aviation industry for aircraft engines


4.Custom fasteners – used in various industries when standard fasteners are not suitable for the specific application

5.Electrical contacts – used in the electronics industry for controlling the flow of electricity

6.Custom housings – used in the automotive and electronics industries for specific applications

7.Heat sinks – used in the electronics industry for cooling electronic devices

These are just a few examples of the many custom parts used in industry. The specific type of part and its application will depend on the requirements of the industry and the specific application in which the part will be used.

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