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Our Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Our sheet metal fabrication facility, along with a team of experienced engineers, ensures that each part is manufactured to precise specifications and quality standards.

Laser cutting

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting utilizes a high-energy laser beam to cut materials into desired shapes. 



Bending is accomplished by positioning the metal sheet on a bending machine and applying pressure to shape it as desired. 



Welding involves heating the metal to its melting point and using appropriate welding materials to join metal components together.

Gallery of Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts

We’ve been manufacturing various sheet metal parts for different clients, whether simple or complex. Please review the sheet metal parts we’ve previously produced.

Our Ordering Process

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Quality control 


Quality inspection department inspects the parts according to the drawings 





Materials for Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts

We stock a variety of metal materials suitable for various part applications and industries. Available materials include aluminum, brass, stainless steel and steel alloy for metal parts.

Sheet metal fabrication metarial

Sheet Metal Fabrication Surface Finishing

Enhance part performance by selecting surface finishes that improve the roughness, hardness, chemical resistance, and cosmetic features of the finished component.

Surface treatment

General Tolerance / According to the Drawings requirements


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Why Choose Us for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Get instant CNC quotes by uploading your design files, including color, material, surface treatment, and required quantity, without the need to write a quote request email.

PROTO MFG’S CNC Machines are built to provide maximum accuracy whether they are tasked to produce one metal machined part or thousands of machined parts.

PROTO MFG’S tolerance Can be 0.005 to 0.01 mm

Direct from CNC machining factory, offering cost-effective solutions for your precision parts needs.

How PROTO MFG Online Custom
Sheet Metal Fabrication Works?

According to the difference in the structure of sheet metal parts, the process flow can be different, but the total does not exceed the following points.

Cutting ; Fitter ; Flanging ; Punching machine ; Pressure riveting ; Bending ; Welding


ISO 13485:2016
ISO 9001:2015

Sheet Metal Fabrication Overview

What is Sheet Metal?

Sheet metal is a process for thin metal sheets (usually below 6mm), including bending, punching/cutting/compositing, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, forming (such as automobile body, computer body), etc. Its remarkable feature is that the thickness of the same part is consistent. Products processed by sheet metal technology are called sheet metal parts.

Sheet Metal Parts
Sheet Metal Parts

Why Choose PROTO MFG
for Sheet Metal Fabrication?

1. High production and processing efficiency


2. Remarkable results

The cutting in PROTO MFG sheet metal processing is non-contact laser cutting, and the outer edge heating has little interference, which can avoid the adverse effect of thermal expansion on the product workpiece. It can suppress the collapsed outer edge caused by laser cutting of raw materials, and generally does not need to be processed again, which improves the work efficiency to a certain extent.


3. Not limited by material properties

The state-of-the-art equipment of PROTO MFG enables sheet metal processing to quickly produce aluminum profiles and carbide, regardless of hardness, which can be laser cut without distortion. The production and processing flexibility is also very good, not only can handle any graphics but also can cut pipelines and other various materials. Most non-metallic materials can also be processed quickly and efficiently.

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication for Specialist Industries Applications

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