CNC machining in PTFE

PTFE machined parts find a wide range of uses in various industries. Some of the common applications include its usage in the medical industry for tissue and organ grafts, medical implants, and inhibit infections from catheters and other medical equipment.

In the automotive industry, it’s commonly used for lightweight chassis and vehicle parts.

It is also used in the garment industry for clothing materials, in building and decoration for coating materials, and much more.


PTFE / Teflon is a highly slippery material with excellent resistance to extreme temperatures. It has outstanding insulating properties and is resistant to industrial chemicals. Due to its low coefficient of friction, it is widely used in the production of gears, bushings, slide plates, piston rings etc. Teflon’s density and stiffness gives it easy machinability. However, its high coefficient of expansion and stress creep make it difficult to obtain tight tolerances.

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