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Material Certification Sample

Material Certifications are also known as Material Test Reports (MTRs) in some industries. They provide detailed information about the material, including mechanical and chemical properties, heat or lot number, composition, and any other relevant details related to the material used in fabricating the custom parts.



Material Certifications are essential for products or custom parts used in critical applications that require a high degree of performance, reliability, and quality assurance. For instance, aerospace and other military parts may require material certifications to ensure parts meet the required specifications, such as those from ASTM, EN, ASME, or AMS.


Certifications help to assure the customers that the custom part they are getting is made of the proper raw material with suitable properties as they requested. Hence, manufacturing companies engaged in component or part production typically require material certifications to help ensure their product’s performance, quality, and standard compliance.

PROTO MFG will provide material certification according to your requirements. Its one of our quality documents.

Certification of Conformity Sample

Certification of Conformity (CoC) is a document issued by PROTO MFG, indicating that the custom parts produced comply with the relevant safety standards or regulations set for the specific application. Our CoC contains a description of the product, its intended use, and the applicable regulations or standards that the product complies with industry directives, guidelines or regulations. Any custom part that requires certification of conformity should go through various tests and verification of its properties and design.




The Certification of Conformity may vary depending on the industry, application, and the required standards or regulations of the specific project. For example, when producing custom parts used in the aerospace industry, the CoC must adhere to the AS9100 or NADCAP standards for aircraft parts or other relevant quality standards. Also, other industries may require certifications of conformity based on ISO or IEC standards.

8D Report Sample

Inspection Report Sample

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