CNC lathes can now help many manufacturers or businesses to effectively improve work efficiency and production efficiency, while at the same time reducing production costs. Therefore, more and more businesses and consumer groups are using this type of equipment, but many people do not know much about turning center processing equipment.

Today we will work with you to understand some basic things that turning centers should pay attention to.

  1. Conduct safety training for relevant personnel

All relevant staff of the turning center should receive safety training, so that they can master the use of the equipment, and they should also understand the usage technology and safety regulations. Only in this way can they be able to operate the machine tools. Of course, different products and parts must be produced effectively.

  1. Do not operate in violation of regulations

In the process of using a turning center to process parts, since the production technical staff in each position are different, some basic matters that should be paid attention to are also different. Therefore, operators who operate machine tools must meet the requirements when they are on duty. In particular, they must not work under the influence of alcohol or perform other illegal operations.

  1. Safety production must be paid attention to

Before each day’s operation, the turning center should receive safety technical briefings from the team leader or other relevant leaders, so that each operator can pay more attention to the production and processing of the machine tool and to the safe and convenient post office.

  1. Pay attention to environmental factors

Turning centers must pay attention to environmental factors when operating. In particular, current and voltage have very high environmental requirements. If the temperature or humidity in the environment is too high, it is likely to have some impact on the quality of the product. .

Because each merchant or enterprise has different requirements for products and parts, especially the specifications and quantity requirements of products are very different. Therefore, before using the turning center to process parts here, the operators should understand the purpose of the operation and the standards of the operation. This can ensure that every operator can understand their job responsibilities and their own duties. You should also have a deep understanding and mastery of the work content.

Finally, after each part processing in the turning center, the environment of the machine tool must be cleaned and cleaned. This can ensure a pollution-free environment, which will have a certain impact on the quality of the product and also It can extend the service life of the lathe.

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