CNC router

  • Use a speeds and feeds calculator
  • Use CNC router bits (carbide end mills)
  • Use smaller diameter cutters
  • Clear chips dilligently
  • Watch cut depths and slotting
  • Lubricate with a mist
  • Don’t slow the feed rate too much
  • Increase cut width and use fewer flutes
  • Use a horsepower limit to derate for rigidity

CNC mills are commonly used in the aerospace, automotive, and medical manufacturing industries. They are ideal for machining complex parts, creating prototypes, and producing high-precision components with tight tolerances. They offer excellent accuracy and repeatability, allowing for the production of intricate and precise components.

CNC Parts

CNC milling

  • Roughing is a good technique for the beginning phase of CNC milling hard materials. Roughing is pre-machining materials before annealing or hardening treatments.  
  • Try coated or infused cutting tools, such as diamond-infused tooling, to make cutting through hard materials easier. 
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