The 5G era


To stay competitive, companies must segment their supply chain management and develop customized strategies for each segment. Consider customising your manufacturing services, such as CNC machining and injection moulding, to build prototypes and accelerate production without sacrificing quality or precision. To simplify the management of personalised customer orders, separate standard and custom orders and automate your order processing system. For simple custom manufacturing, choose PROTO MFG. We deliver custom parts quickly, efficiently, and accurately while managing the entire supply chain for you. CLICK HERE

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is more popular than ever. Our 2023 State of Manufacturing report shows that 85% of surveyed companies have adopted AI solutions, and 45% expect an impact on their supply chain management.

Increased Focus on Speed of NPI

Companies are facing barriers to new product introduction (NPI) due to economic uncertainty, inflation and geopolitical instability. Our latest State of Manufacturing report reveals that 94% of companies face NPI barriers, and 49% aim to improve NPI speed. This demand for faster NPI necessitates more capable, resilient supply chains to support rapid prototyping and innovation.

How Can You Improve Your Supply Chain for Faster NPI? 

Partnering with an AI-powered supply chain supplier ensures a robust supply chain, supports rapid prototyping, and accelerates time to market.

Early collaboration between procurement and supply chain teams provides valuable insights into material selection and identifies potential Supply Chain Management issues.

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