A way to improve the accuracy of sheet metal machining

  • The original error reduction method: If there is an error in production, it is first necessary to find out the main factors that affect the machining error, and then try to eliminate or reduce these factors. For example, when machining parts with shaped surfaces, the main thing is to reduce the shape error of the forming tool and the installation error of the tool.
  • Original error compensation method: artificially generates a new error to compensate for the original error in the process system. When the original error is negative, the human error is positive, otherwise, a negative value is taken and the two dimensions are managed to equalize.
  • Original error transmission method: the original error of the machining system is transmitted to the insensitive direction of the machining error or other aspects that do not affect the machining accuracy under certain conditions. For example, when the accuracy of the machine tool cannot meet the requirements of the machining of parts, conditions can be created in the machining or fixture so that the geometric error of the machine tool can be transmitted to the area that does not affect the machining accuracy.
  • Original error equalization method: When the positioning error is large, the difference method can be used. The original error is divided into N groups according to its size, and the error range of each group is reduced to 1/N of the original error. The treatment is then adjusted for each group.
  • Initial error homogenization method: For parts with high machining accuracy, the homogenization method can be used. It identifies differences through closely related surfaces and then modifies or datums each other, thereby reducing and balancing the surface error of the workpiece.

In the machining process, the accuracy of the machining error is unavoidable. Only by analyzing the factors that affect the machining error can we take corresponding preventive measures to reduce the machining error and improve the processing efficiency. That’s all I have to share with you today, I hope it will be helpful to you.from:www.mfgproto.com.

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