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Any chemical conversion process adds complexity. Specifying hard anodizing color for a part requires a great deal of knowledge. Understanding and executing the process is even more complex. But don’t worry! PROYO MFG is here to help.

Here are some essential tips regarding hard anodizing color.

Application tips:

  • The anodising process itself is non-conductive.Specifically, the oxide layer formed is non-conductive and highly insulating. Therefore, dyes must be used to colour the anodised layer. These dyes may or may not be conductive themselves.
  • The hard anodising process involves immersing the metal in an electrolytic solution and applying an electric current. This process creates an oxide layer on the metal surface, which manufacturers then fill with dyes or pigments to achieve the desired color.
  • Manufacturers can combine hard anodising with other processes such as laser etching or screen printing to create patterns or labels on the anodised surface.

The colour of anodised coatings can be affected by a number of processing factors, including:

  • Metal type: Different metals, such as aluminium alloys, can produce different colours when anodised.
  • Anodising process parameters: The type of electrolyte solution used, the voltage applied, the duration of the anodising process, and the temperature of the solution can all affect the color of an anodised coating.
  • Colouring process: Anodised coatings can be produced in a variety of colours by colouring. In the dyeing process, manufacturers immerse the anodised part in a bath of dye, allowing the porous oxide layer to absorb the dye.
  • Surface Treatment: The surface finish of the metal affects the appearance of the anodised layer. Polished surfaces are brighter and more reflective than matt surfaces.
  • Thickness of the anodised layer: The thickness of the anodised coating will affect the colour of the coating. Thicker coatings can produce darker or more vibrant colours.
  • Lighting conditions: The colour of an anodised coating may vary under different lighting conditions such as natural light and artificial light.
  • Environmental factors: Exposure to sunlight, temperature and humidity can affect the colour and durability of an anodised coating over time.

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