In our prototype industry, replica molding is one of the prototype processing methods. It is mainly use for small batch prototype production. Its advantages are fast time, low cost and very good market competitiveness. The materials for replica prototypes include ABS. , PP, PC, acrylic, soft rubber and silicone rubber, etc.

Plastic injection molds process

  • Before making the silicone mold, you need to make an original version. Start making the silicone mold and mix the silicone and curing agent evenly. The silicone mold shape is a flowing liquid, one component is silica gel, and component B is a curing agent.
  • Vacuum and remove bubbles: After the silicone and curing agent are evenly mixe, vacuum and remove bubbles. The vacuuming time should not be too long. Under normal circumstances, it should not exceed ten minutes. If the vacuuming time is too long, the silicone will solidify immediately. A cross-linking reaction occurs, causing the silicone to become lumpy and unable to be painted or poured.
  • Painting or operation process: Apply or pour the silica gel that has been evacuate to remove air bubbles. Pour it on the product. Then apply the silicone on the product. The application must be even. After 30 minutes, stick a layer of gauze fiber cloth to increase the strength and tensile strength of the silicone.
Plastic injection molds
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