The production plan is: precise process control strings, materials and production are no longer difficult!

At present, many enterprises have set up PMC departments, but what they are used for and how to use this command department are not very clear. First of all, PMC is the abbreviation of Production material control. It refers to the supervision and management of production planning and production progress, as well as the planning, tracking, sending and receiving, storage, and use of materials, as well as the prevention and treatment of sluggish materials. The PMC department mainly has two aspects of work content. That is, PC (management of production planning and production schedule) and MC (supervision and management of material planning, procurement, tracking, sending and receiving, storage, use, etc., as well as the prevention and treatment of waste materials). PMC management, the definition and division of labor in domestic companies have different opinions, some focus on production management, and some focus on material management, all determined by the nature of the company. But no matter where you start, it can be classified into PMC management.

PMC management focuses on communication and coordination. Therefore, from the company’s business sales, down to production and shipment, there are procurement, engineering technology and quality control departments in the middle, all of which require PMC to track and coordinate. In many companies, you will hear high-level executives say that it is always because the materials cannot be in place in time, the production progress cannot keep up, the quality has problems, and the delivery date cannot meet the customer’s requirements. In the final analysis, there is no management department to coordinate and solve these problems. At this time, it reflects the importance of PMC management. In order to do a good job in PMC management, it needs to follow the management process.

1. Receive Order

After receiving the order, PMC needs to confirm whether it is a new customer or a new product. If it is a new customer or a new product, it needs to confirm the precautions of the order (including sample list and trial order), according to Order Notes Track relevant data to ensure that there are no abnormalities during order establishment, production, and planning.

2. Material requisition

MC receives the audited order, first checks the BOM, then analyzes the demand status of the material, calculates the amount of the material and the number of days for the requisition of the material, and determines the amount of the material according to the confirmation of the good product in stock and the physical object Please purchase the quantity and the arrival time of the materials, so that the materials will not be kept, not idle, and not hoarded.

3.Material Exception

IQC of suppliers with abnormal materials and bad incoming materials should issue a notice on the handling of unqualified products. MC will make special procurement, sorting, rework, repair, and batch refund according to the actual situation, and confirm the delivery date of incoming materials with the purchaser in a timely manner. . When dealing with urgent materials, MC should notify IQC in advance and require the quality control of the materials to make inspection results in the shortest possible time, and MC will track the warehousing and online until the order is shipped. 

4.Design Change 

After receiving the change notice, MC needs to confirm whether there is an order demand and check the inventory immediately. If it is scrapped, immediately notify the warehouse manager to carry out all scrapping. If there is a formal order demand, the purchase order should be placed at the first time, indicating that the material for design change requires procurement to confirm the supplier’s delivery date. If the material is reworked and repaired, MC must immediately notify the production unit to put it into storage after reworked and repaired. If it is for limited use, MC needs to notify the warehouse for identification and isolation according to the limited requirements, and apply for scrapping when the remaining amount of the inventory material is less than one order after use. For continued use, MC needs to grasp the usage status of the inventory, and apply for scrapping when the remaining amount is less than one order.

5. Urgent materials 

When the delivery date of the order is short and the material is abnormally large, the material will have difficulty in the delivery date of the supplier. When placing the PR order, the MC needs to indicate the reason, and at the same time requires an urgent reply from the purchase, and the MC will notify the final delivery date. Related departments. If the order is missed by MC, it is necessary to indicate the situation and do urgent material processing to ensure the normal shipment of the order. MC needs to list emergency materials every week, and explain and track abnormal situations in the weekly meeting.

6. Order change

After receiving the notice of change order, MC needs to make a list of delivery date adjustment immediately, and notify the purchaser to quickly notify the supplier of the part that needs to be adjusted in delivery date or quantity. For the part of the order canceled and the material that the supplier has produced, the delivery date will be postponed according to the appropriate situation. 

order change

7.Production Progress

The production progress is confirmed with the procurement in advance according to the material delivery date. If there is any abnormal situation, it is necessary to inform the supervisor in time and coordinate with the technology to see if there is a substitute, negotiate with the plan to change the production plan, and deal with the relevant personnel and departments in a timely manner, and Confirm the final result.


Find out the problem, and inform the relevant units in time, and provide a delay order report and purchase a few days before the order delivery date. The purchase must confirm the final delivery date, and the MC will immediately notify the relevant unit of the order final delivery date.

9.Sluggish materials

MC will make treatment opinions based on the list of sluggish materials proposed by the warehouse at the beginning of each month. When the inventory turnover rate is extremely low or the materials that are not used at all (corrosion or damage, etc.) and the amount is small, a scrap application should be made, and the amount is large. It can be returned to the factory and warehouse, transferred, exchanged, repaired, disassembled for zero use, sold, given away, and destroyed. If there is an order demand and the inventory is qualified, the first-in first-out principle should be followed, and a new purchase order should be placed for the part that is not enough for the order.

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