From Rapid Prototyping to Mass Production

Prototype to mass production is by some distance. Prototype to mass production has the potential to change significantly. So, how do you move from prototype to mass production?


In this article, we will provide information on the steps and strategies involved in how to move from prototype to mass production, as well as other important things to help you save development time and costs.

The Prototype to Mass Production Process

Going from prototype to mass production can be difficult for new manufacturer. Every mechanical manufacturing process is unique, and so is mass production.

Here’s what the general process from prototype to final product entails


First, an idea is developed for the product and a design drawing is created to ensure functionality and manufacturability. Next develop a 3D model of the drawn design. Then you can create a prototype and test its functionality. This process can also be performed several times to get the best look and function of the product.


After ensuring the prototype looks and functions, the next step is to determine the number of products, which will determine how the rapid prototyping will be processed.

Below we unveil the entire process of rapid prototyping step by step

1. Create a prototype drawing

If you want to turn a concept into a product, then creating a prototype is the first step. Here are the different methods you can use to develop a prototype

Conceptual prototyping

Feature prototyping, this type of prototype validation is ideal for use when developing components for mechanical or electrical systems.

Evolutionary prototyping, this type of prototyping is usually ongoing, where the prototype is continuously tested and evaluated until high volume production and launch.


Time schedule for creating prototypes

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2. Test the product, market research

Test the demand for the product

Make sure the prototype is suitable for mass production

As prototypes are developed in iterations, quality can be continuously improved and defects eliminated, which will help save production time and costs.

3. From prototype to small batch production

Small batch production typically requires manufacturing products in small quantities, from 10 to several hundred pieces. Depending on the project, small batch production is a sure path to mass production.

The following things need to be considered before conducting small batch production;

Prepare the necessary documentation

Product requirement documents

3D drawings:

Requirements for materials, colors, finishes, etc.

BOM list

NDA Signed

On-time delivery

Total manufacturing budget

Overall production volume

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