Brushing is a repair process that can provide an aesthetic effect. If there are local scratches on the metal surface, use a wire drawing machine to make consistent scratches on the entire surface and reduce the wall thickness to cover up the local scratches.

Brushing can not only remove scratches on the surface of the aluminum alloy prototype model, but also beautify the appearance of the aluminum alloy prototype model. So let’s take a look at the process and function of aluminum alloy prototype model wire drawing.

What are the techniques for drawing aluminum alloy prototype models?

  1. Straight grain drawing

Straight grain drawing refers to processing straight lines on the surface of aluminum alloy prototypes by mechanical friction. It has the dual functions of brushing away scratches on the surface of the aluminum plate and decorating the surface of the aluminum plate.

  1. Random wire drawing

Random wire drawing is an irregular, matte silk pattern without obvious lines obtained by rubbing the aluminum alloy hand model back and forth, left and right under a high-speed running copper wire brush. This kind of processing has high requirements on the surface of the aluminum alloy prototype model.

  1. Swirl wire drawing

Also known as optical rotation, it is a silk pattern obtained by rotating and polishing the surface of an aluminum alloy hand model using a cylindrical felt or a grinding nylon wheel mounted on a drilling machine, mixed with kerosene and polishing paste. It is mostly used for decorative processing of round dials and small decorative dials.

  1. Corrugated wire drawing

Corrugated wire drawing is generally produced on a brushing machine or a graining machine. The axial movement of the upper set of grinding rollers is used to grind the surface of the aluminum alloy hand model to obtain a wavy pattern.

  1. Thread drawing

It uses a small motor with a round felt on the shaft and fixes it on the table at an angle of about 60 degrees with the edge of the table. In addition, a carriage is equipped with a fixed aluminum plate pressure difference, and a sticker is attached to the carriage. A straight edge of polyester film is used to limit thread racing. Using the rotation of the felt and the linear movement of the carriage, a thread pattern of consistent width is created on the surface of the aluminum alloy prototype model.

The role of aluminum alloy prototype model wire drawing

  1. Generally, the prototype model needs to undergo some surface treatment to make the prototype more beautiful. Among them, wire drawing is a surface treatment process in the prototype model industry. This process is mostly used on aluminum alloy prototypes and can be used for prototypes. Adds a lot of color.
  2. Wire drawing treatment is a surface treatment method that uses grinding products to form lines on the surface of the prototype workpiece to achieve a decorative effect. Brushing can well reflect the texture of metal materials and can give the metal surface a non-mirror metallic luster.
  3. According to different surface effects, it can be divided into straight yarn and random yarn. According to the requirements of the drawing effect, the size and shape of different workpiece surfaces, drawing is divided into two methods: manual drawing and mechanical drawing.
  4. The quality of silk pattern type is highly subjective. Each user has different requirements for surface lines and different preferences for line effects. Therefore, it is necessary to have a brushed sample to process the effect that users like and are satisfied with.

It should be noted that prototype models with arcs and painted surfaces are not suitable for drawing. If you draw a hand model with an arc, the intersection between the curved surface and the straight surface will be very ugly, and the drawing will be uneven; if you draw a hand model with a painted surface, tiny threads will appear on the metal color surface.

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