In sheet metal product design and process design, sheet metal is a comprehensive cold working process for metal sheets, which is widely used in the research and development and manufacturing of mechanical equipment, involving many products, including self-service terminals, cabinets, chassis, computer rooms, power distribution cabinets, CNC machine tools, etc.

About the design of sheet metal

  • For sheet metal product design, whether the designer can skillfully use the sheet metal process in the design is directly related to the difficulty and even success or failure of product manufacturing. The sheet metal process is a complex process that involves many aspects, including sheet metal construction methods, sheet metal punching and cut-out design, grooves and punching, modeling printing, molds and punching, bending, etc. Whether the sheet metal material can be scientifically and reasonably applied to the production and manufacturing of products, the proficiency of the sheet metal process plays a great role. The higher the proficiency of the sheet metal process, the easier it is to realize the production and manufacturing of the product.
  • In the design of sheet metal products, designers need to have an in-depth understanding of the material of the product and its applicable treatment process, in the process of design, it is necessary to take into account the later production and manufacturing of the product, in the modeling design, color expression, material selection, man-machine interface, etc., and on the basis of realizing the structure and function of the equipment, integrate their own creative and flexible design, so that the product is simple and beautiful, easy and comfortable to use. The following is to share with you a successful sheet metal product design__Tourist attraction automatic printing terminal design, through specific cases to deepen the understanding of sheet metal product design.
  • This tourist attraction automatic printing terminal is composed of electronics, software, and hardware, which is used for rapid photo printing, archiving, etc. In terms of appearance design, combined with the special use environment of tourist attractions, the appearance of the product adopts bionic design, the overall appearance is like the appearance of a robot, simple and fashionable; the appearance adopts metallic color with the main color, with the outdoor scenery, and the environment is coordinated; the overall use of sheet metal technology, low processing cost, beautiful appearance, low cost.
  • In terms of product structure design, the designer started from the installation angle and the ordinariness of the material, replaced the Phillips screws with hexagon socket screws, and replaced the magnets with holes that are difficult to purchase with solid magnets without holes, so as to reduce costs for customers. In terms of man-machine, the human-machine relationship is fully considered, and the door is opened on the side to facilitate the replacement of consumables, and the product height and operation buttons are set according to the height and operating habits of most people, which is convenient for users to operate. In terms of product manufacturing, we provide customers with one-stop product solutions from product design to manufacturing, shorten the development cycle, support mass production, and save development costs for customers.


Of course, sheet metal process treatment is only a very important aspect of sheet metal product design, only to do a good job in sheet metal process is far from enough, designers need to explore and innovate in appearance, structure, technology, man-machine and other aspects, keep improving, and design better quality products.

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