With the continuous improvement of modern manufacturing capabilities and the increasing maturity of industrial automation technology, machining technology is developing rapidly and has gradually become the mainstream of manufacturing in many fields.

Continuous application of intelligent technology

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, the application of robots is becoming more and more widespread. In the field of machine tool manufacturing, the classified development and application of automated intelligent machine tools, robot processing and intelligent equipment is the development trend in the field of machining. The introduction of intelligent technology has greatly improved the production efficiency and accuracy of machining.

Continuous development of processing technology

High-speed and efficient processing technology is one of the key development directions in the field of machining. It mainly includes high-speed cutting, high-speed grinding and micro-machining technologies. The application of these technologies can significantly improve processing quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, making the field of machining truly Efficient automated production is achieved.

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Development Trend of CNC Machine Tools

With the needs of modern production, more and more companies are beginning to use multi-functional CNC machine tools, which have more processing functions and can perform more complex processing operations. The application of this kind of machine tool can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.

Application of new materials

The continuous emergence of new materials has also brought new development opportunities for machining. For example, steel, aluminum, magnesium, titanium and their alloys are used in aviation, automobiles, high-speed rail and other fields. Their strong material properties and high plasticity can achieve high-efficiency and precise processing, and can effectively reduce the energy consumption of machine tools.

Robot processing applications

Artificial intelligence can make robot processing more intelligent, thereby making the robot processing process smoother and enabling robot processing to better cope with various challenges.

New machining technology

The development of machining technology is not just about mechanical manufacturing, but it integrates high and new technologies in the fields of mechanical manufacturing, electronics, optics and other fields. It continuously promotes development through the integration of multiple interdisciplinary technologies, which not only improves manufacturing efficiency and quality, but also improves manufacturing efficiency and quality. It has a wide range of applications in modern manufacturing.

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