The machining process usually includes multiple links such as design, CAD analysis, transmission, programming, process analysis, equipment preparation, processing, inspection and maintenance. Now, let’s take a look at the specific process of machining.

machining processes

Design of machining processes

Design is the first step in machining. Designers need to develop component drawings, including detailed dimensions and requirements. Designers also need to analyze factors such as material properties and usage environment of required parts to ensure that the design solution meets actual requirements.

CAD analysis of machining processes

CAD analysis is a link of computer-aided design and analysis, which requires the use of CAD software for design analysis. In this link, designers can use CAD software to perform 3D modeling, process analysis and other processes to strengthen the design reliability of parts, improve production efficiency, and ultimately produce high-standard quality products.

Transmission of machining processes

After the CAD analysis is completed, the design drawings need to be transmitted to the machining operator. There are many transmission methods, such as Internet, LAN, etc. In addition, you can also use U disk, mobile hard disk and other media for transmission.


According to the design plan, programmers can write processing programs and integrate them into the control system of mechanical equipment. The processing program includes tool path and cutting parameters, etc. Each parameter should be set reasonably according to the actual situation.

Process analysis

In the process analysis stage, it is necessary to analyze the processing plan and formulate processing procedures, standards and processing techniques to ensure that the parts restore the design while meeting quality and accuracy requirements.

Equipment preparation

Equipment preparation is an important step in machining. It is necessary to inspect the equipment, replace equipment tools, and repair equipment to ensure that the equipment can start normal processing work. During the equipment preparation process, it is also necessary to predict the requirements for materials and components to ensure that the equipment can work smoothly.

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